Frequency Healing | Science of Healing the Human Body (2022 Guide) (2022)

The profound effect of sound on the human mind and body is no secret. The use of sound for healing is a centuries-old practice where people used music and chanting as a means to mediate. The sense of hearing has the greatest effect than all the other senses as our ears continue to function even when we are asleep.

We all know that music can be healing, sometimes in the form of a song that can cheer you up on a bad day and give you the feeling of peace. In the same way, specific frequencies can be used to promote healing of mind and body by influencing the brainwaves. If you’d like to learn more about how frequencies can help and heal, this article has everything you need to know, including the effects and benefits.

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What is Sound Frequency Healing?

As the name suggests, sound frequency healing is a type of sound wave therapy that uses different tones or vibrations to promote sensations of relief and wellness within an individual. It can evoke an emotional response ranging from mere goosebumps to a flood of purgative tears. It is effective in getting rid of unwanted feelings and memories and encourages physiological alleviation for those who use it.

This the method of healing has been found to be beneficial in treating a myriad of ailments – including insomnia, anxiety, depression and Parkinson’s disease. Studies [1] also show that just a half hour session of therapy along with primary care for individuals who have undergone spinal cord surgery helped in reducing their pain and anxiety levels.

How do Frequencies Affect the Human Body?

Humans have been studying the connection between sound frequencies and the way they affect human bodies since the time of the famous Greek mathematician, philosopher, and physician, Pythagoras. He was convinced that the sound frequencies have healing effects on the human body and used them as a healing method on his patients.

Modern research backs up this ancient practice and it is also now known that specific frequencies can alter brain consciousness by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. These frequencies slow brainwaves from Beta state of alert awareness to Theta state and Delta states which promote the subconscious states of mind.

In Dr. Mark Menolascino’s words [2] “Everything in the universe has a vibrational frequency which interacts with every cell in your body.” Because of the Frequency Following Response [7]this means that when a new frequency is introduced to your brain, the neurons are compelled to sync to it. This induces the brain to enter altered consciousness thus having an overall holistic effect on the entire body.

While the concept that sound frequencies can alter human consciousness and promote healing sounds a bit far-fetched, it has lots of sound scientific evidence behind the theory. Exposure to different frequencies can alleviate psychiatric issues such as depression or anxiety as well as stimulate the body to heal physical ailments by way of genetic signaling.

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The Solfeggio Healing Frequencies

Specific frequencies that can promote physical and mental health aspects in humans are called Solfeggio Frequencies. These tones were derived from numerology centuries ago and are believed to have positive physiological impacts on people who are exposed to them.

Listening to different frequencies enhances the peeling of negative energetic blockages. They also encourage emotional release within us. Each tone has a specific healing ability for your energetic field and encourages ‘purging’ effects and it is possible to feel a bit off, before feeling the calm and peace after. But it is also common to feel a calm and peaceful state right after too. Do give it a listen as everyone reacts differently. [3]

It is important to know which specific frequencies are beneficial for the human body. In this section, we will list down these particular beats which are prominently used in sound frequency healing and learn about their variety of therapeutic benefits.


40 Hz Solfeggio Frequency

This frequency of 40 Hz has been efficiently used in Alzheimer’s disease studies as it is known to promote a neural response. This tone has a linkage with gamma ways of the brain and also helps in the stimulation of memory. These have reportedly reduced symptoms of dementia in people which is characterized by severe memory loss.

285 Hz Solfeggio Frequency

This tone is widely used on patients who have undergone severe injury, physical wounds, or burns. This Solfeggio frequency is effective in enhancing the cellular regeneration of the body which brings healing and encourages the body towards a speedy recovery.

396 Hz Solfeggio Frequency – Tone of the Earth

Frequency healing on 369 Hz is known to cleanse the feeling of guilt which is the main obstacle that stands between an individual and his goals. It eradicates negative thoughts and beliefs. It uplifts a person by motivating them to go after their dreams, under the influence of self-awakening. The person gradually liberates from the cycle of guilt and gets more power to feel motivated to work towards going after their goals.

417 Hz Solfeggio Frequency – Tone of the Lunar Month

Also known as the Tone of Lunar Month, this beautiful Solfeggio Frequency is known for its positivity-inducing effects. It is a frequency that propels you to bring a good change in your life, by removing all negative aspects from one’s life and helping you enhance your decision-making qualities which can bring about pragmatic outcomes.

528 Hz Solfeggio Frequency – Tone of the Sun

Frequency healing of the Tone of the Sun works in such a way that it reduces the production of a stress hormone called cortisol, and helps enhance your self-esteem and confidence. Commonly known as the love frequency, miracle tone, and tone of transformation; it reportedly gets rid of toxicities and impurities in a body. It also promotes your spiritual enlightenment thus increasing awareness and clarity of thoughts.

639 Hz Solfeggio Frequency – Tone of the Earth’s Month

The 639 Hz, also known as the Tone of the Earth’s Moon, is known for building and balancing interpersonal relationships with friends, families, colleagues, etc. It enhances clear communication, harmony, tolerance, and love. Even at a cellular level, the tone of the Earth’s Month encourages the cells to coordinate with their internal environment. This frequency is also known to create a balance between both sides of the brain.

741 Hz Solfeggio Frequency – Tone of the Planet Mercury

Frequency healing from 741 Hz helps in awakening intuition and finding solutions to problems that otherwise feel impossible. It is also reported that this tone can also maintain emotional stability, helping you in expressing yourself in better ways. 741 Hz also detoxifies cells from any sort of electromagnetic radiation and is encouraged to incorporate in sound therapies for those who are undergoing chemo or radiation therapies. It creates a hormonal balance and improves the endocrinal functions of the body.

852 Hz Solfeggio Frequency – Tone of the Planet Venus

The tone of the planet Venus enhances the ability to see the truth in people, places, or particular situations. The 852 Hz frequency works best for those who overthink and it potentially has a soothing effect on a person’s mind. In turn, this enhances your inner strength and maintains a peaceful balance in your life.

963 Hz Solfeggio Frequency – Tone of Pure Miracles

The 963 Hz tone is quite popularly used in sound frequency healing. It is known to activate the pineal gland, which is commonly known as The Third Eye. The activation leads to seeing beyond the obvious which is because of the immense level of clarity you develop. This helps a person reach the maximum level of harmonized vibrational energy. In case you feel like you no longer belong in your environment, this tone has the power to reconnect you back towards your inner-self and self-worth.

There are some other Solfeggio frequencies [4] of 174, 432, and 440 Hz as well which can also boost self-growth and betterment. With the help of these tones, you can return to a much more positive outlook of life and become a better person by cleansing yourself of all the toxicity that might reside inside your body.

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Sound Therapy in Modern times - Music as Medicine

The technique of frequency healing is one of the most trending wellness methods, adopted by people on an individual level and by medical practitioners in the office to treat their patients. As this is a drug-free process with no side effects, sound therapies are widely adapted and encouraged in the line of human medicine. These healing sessions help restore the normal vibration frequencies of the cells in the body, thus promoting good health in a relaxed, painless environment.

Following are some of the medical conditions that are improved by modern sound therapies:

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1. Coronary Diseases: One of the major healing effects of these frequencies is that they lower the cholesterol levels in the human body and maintain the blood pressure within normal ranges. This is effective in reducing the risk of coronary diseases.

2. Inflammation: One of the most prevalent conditions in patients is painful and uncomfortable inflammation. Sound therapies encourage the formation of anti-inflammatory molecules at a cellular level. For example, the right frequency can enhance the cell production of nitrous oxide which is a vasodilator that improves cell efficiency and soothes the internal environment of the body.

3. Autism: Sound therapies are immensely effective for autistic people. Low-frequency vibrations, music tuned to special archetypal frequencies, and sounds of nature are known to penetrate every single cell of the body, which overcomes the chaotic beats and harmonizes them. This stimulates neural pathways of sensory and motor neurons leading to the overall brain fitness of those suffering from autism broad spectrum.

4. Chronic Cancer Pain: Chronic levels of pain are prevalent in cancer patients. Research from Drexel University [5] supports that music interventions widely affect the treatment of cancer patients for anxiety, pain, fatigue, and overall quality of life. It is the vibratory nature of specific frequencies that stimulate the nociceptors which regulate the sensation of pain in the body.

5. Depression and PTSD: Therapy used on patients suffering from depression and PTSD is based on binaural beats. It is a method where two distinct frequencies are released in different headsets simultaneously which in turn is perceived as a single frequency tone by the brain. This fascinating neural behavior helps the patients in reconnecting with their original vibrational frequencies which cures their physiological conditions.

The Bottom Line

Although a lot more research is yet to be conducted on frequency healing, so far the evidence makes it clear that the hype of this method is effective. The results are not limited to physical healing, but also cognitive and mental wellness. If you too want to make the best of your physical and spiritual health, you need to try this extraordinary healing procedure to find the frequency which suits you best.

Do Healing Frequencies Work?

Yes, healing frequencies do work. They allow your brain to relax, so that it affects every cell of your body, shifting them from being distressed to relief. On a therapeutic level, frequency healing promotes lower stress levels and enhances immunological responses that are self-healing. A lot of people use sound therapies to soothe their minds and the brain activity monitored during the sessions shows prominent signs of overall improved mental and physical health.

The Sound Frequency Healing Science

Sound frequencies work by altering the subconscious states of the human mind by varying tones. It transforms internal low frequencies of guilt and fear to higher frequencies of joy and happiness. This is done by synchronizing the neurons to the external sound beat.

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Hz Frequency Benefits List

Following are the list of benefits you can get from frequency healing:

  • Improved lifestyle
  • Spiritual healing
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Deep relaxation
  • Self-growth
  • Improved memory and concentration
  • Reduced pain and inflammation


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(Video) 432Hz - Whole Body Regeneration - Full Body Healing | Emotional & Physical Healing


Which frequency is best for healing? ›

174 Hz Solfeggio Frequency Music – The Healing Frequency

The lowest recognized solfeggio frequency is 174 Hz, also known as the healing frequency. It has the greatest impact on the body and physical health, rather than spiritual or mental health.

What does 432hz do to the brain? ›

Our results showed that music at both 432 Hz and 440 Hz significantly reduced clinical anxiety levels according to the CORAH-MDAS compared to the control group; and that emotional response and perception of anxiety when using the CORAH-MDAS do not show significant differences between musical frequencies (432 Hz – 440 ...

Can sound heal the body? ›

"Research has already demonstrated that sound healing can be incredibly beneficial when working with [a variety of] patients," Schieffelin says. Benefits can include improved sleep, reduction of chronic pain and blood pressure, lowered cholesterol, and a decreased risk of heart disease.

How do different sound frequencies affect the body? ›

Different frequencies of sound can have a different effect on human brain activity. It's believed that once a new frequency gets introduced to your brain, your brain waves feel compelled to sync to it — effectively launching you into a different “brain state” and having an overall holistic effect on your body.

What does 528 Hz do to the body? ›

According to the current study, sound waves with 528 Hz frequency in 100 dB intensity induce testosterone production in brain by enhancing StAR and SF-1 and reducing P450 aromatase gene expression. Frequency of 528 Hz also reduces total concentration of reactive oxidative species in brain tissue.

Why is 963 Hz the God frequency? ›

What is the significance of the number 963 as the God frequency? 963 Hz, or the Frequency of the Gods, is a frequency that is commonly referred to as a pineal gland activator. It aids in the removal of brain fog and the improvement of clarity in our thought process.

What is the perfect frequency? ›

Perfect Pitch: 432 Hz Music and the Promise of Frequency.

What frequency is the universe? ›

What's so special about 432 Hz you might ask? Well, according to some music theorists, it's the frequency at which the universe vibrates. Listening to a sound at 432 Hz is especially pleasing to the ear, and said to reduce stress and promote emotional stability by putting you in sync with the “heartbeat of the Earth.”

What chakra is 528Hz? ›

528Hz resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra, our third energy center. Known as the frequency of Love, it restores human consciousness & brings about harmony and balance in life. It also helps create self-love and can ease illness, hatred and fear in the world.

What is so special about 432 Hz? ›

Furthermore, 432 Hz resonates with 8 Hz (the Schumann Resonance), the documented fundamental electromagnetic “beat” of Earth. It just feels better. Research says that music tuned from this frequency is easier to listen to, brighter, clearer, and contains more inherent dynamic range.

What is 432hz good for? ›

432 Hz has an excellent influence on spiritual development of the listeners. For more inner peace, listen to 432 Hz because it gives more clarity than 440 Hz. Researchers claim that they feel calmer, happier and more relaxed when playing and listening at 432 Hz.

Can vibrations heal? ›

The researchers found that wounds exposed to vibration five times a week for 30 minutes healed more quickly than wounds in mice of a control group. Wounds exposed to vibration formed more granulation tissue, a type of tissue important early in the wound-healing process.

What frequency do humans vibrate at? ›

Human Vibration Parameter Comparison and Result Discussion. According to the existing research, the natural frequency of a human-standing body is about 7.5 Hz, and the frequency of a sitting posture in the cab is generally 4–6 Hz.

What frequency is harmful to humans? ›

In general, sounds above 85 dB are considered harmful to human hearing and we should avoid prolonged exposure to them.

Which frequency is best for brain? ›

6 Hz beat enhances all area of the brain within 10 minutes. 8 Hz and 25 Hz beats have no clearly responses while 40 Hz beat enhances the responses in frontal lobe. These brain responses can be used for brain modulation application to induce the brain activity in further studies.

What good is 396 Hz? ›

396 Hz – The Anxiety Relief Frequency

The 396 Hz frequency may help with letting go of stress. It provides some relief from the negative energy and emotions that you may carry around often, like fear, doubt, and guilt. Many people who use solfeggio frequencies say that the 396 Hz tone turns grief into joy.

How do you use healing frequency? ›

What Are The Solfeggio Frequencies & How To Use Them. - YouTube

What is the frequency of DNA? ›

We find the resonant vibration frequency of a 20 base ssDNA to be 40 GHz. We show that the change in the resonant frequency for different lengths of the DNA strand is in good agreement with one dimensional lattice vibration theory.

What is the frequency 432? ›

The frequency of 432 Hz music, as already mentioned for 440 Hz, refers to the value of the note A4 (LA3) of the central octave of the piano, which is taken as a reference to tune all the other notes in the time system.

What is God's vibration? ›

Course Description. God Vibrations explores the scientific and supernatural impact of sound on every level of human consciousness as well as the physical and spiritual world around us.

What is the frequency of life? ›

The universe is a set of frequencies creating in harmony the concert of life. We, as biological and spiritual beings living in this world, are also part of the notes of this wonderful symphony. Our bodies, as our thoughts, vibrate, emit frequencies, notes.

What is the frequency of positive energy? ›

Positive Energy | 528Hz Miracle Healing Frequency | Ancient Frequency. This healing music is served to support and empower you on your life journey, refueling and nurturing your mind, body, heart, and soul with powerful positive energy that aligns you with your innate power, potential, and resources.

What note is 444 Hz? ›

Frequencies of Musical Notes, A4 = 444 Hz.

What does a frequency of 440 Hz mean? ›

(a) A frequency of 440 Hz means that a single trough and peak of the sound wave oscillates 440 times per second or equally that 440 sound waves are produced by the keyboard per second (This is because the SI unit of a Hz is inverse seconds s^-1)

Did Albert Einstein say everything in life is vibration? ›

“Everything in Life is Vibration” – Albert Einstein

These atoms are in a constant state of motion, and depending on the speed of these atoms, things are appear as a solid, liquid, or gas. Sound is also a vibration and so are thoughts.

Do thoughts have a frequency? ›

Every thought and emotion has its own vibrational frequency or wave frequency. Quantum mechanics has demonstrated how a wave frequency can be altered. The shape of a wave has peaks and valleys.

How do you keep your vibration high? ›

“Raising your vibration can also be done through going for a walk to get grounded, reiki healing energy, doing something that makes you feel good, being of service to others, practicing yoga, or doing devotional work on your altar.” Basically, anything that brings you joy will do wonders for raising your vibe.

What frequency opens the root chakra? ›

Root Chakra, 396 Hz Frequency

This frequency primarily links to the root chakra.

How do I unlock my root chakra? ›

How to open your root chakra: 7 methods you can do on your own
  1. Set your intention. ...
  2. Follow online guided visualizations. ...
  3. Rub a metal spoon on your foot. ...
  4. Use grounding crystals. ...
  5. Use grounding essential oils. ...
  6. Spend time in nature. ...
  7. Tell yourself positive affirmations.
Mar 9, 2020

What happens when solar plexus chakra opens? ›

It's a change that your body has to adjust to. It's normal to be shaky and feel palpitations when you open your solar plexus because that's all of the energy coming through. You might have nausea. It's normal to feel all kinds of things when you open the solar plexus, and unfortunately, nausea is one of those things.

What is 528hz music? ›

In music, the 528 Hz sound frequency refers to the note “Mi” and is traced back to the expression “Mi-ra gestorum”, which in Latin means “miracle”. John Lennon composed his popular song Imagine in the 528 Hz frequency. The 528 Hz love frequency is the most important of the ancient Solfeggio frequencies.

What frequency helps with anxiety? ›

Another method of reducing anxiety is music therapy. Many musicians advocated that 432 Hz is the closest frequency to the natural human frequency. Music with slow and melodies provides emotional and physical relaxation in listeners.

What is 432hz good for? ›

432 Hz has an excellent influence on spiritual development of the listeners. For more inner peace, listen to 432 Hz because it gives more clarity than 440 Hz. Researchers claim that they feel calmer, happier and more relaxed when playing and listening at 432 Hz.

What note is 444 Hz? ›

Frequencies of Musical Notes, A4 = 444 Hz.

What frequency is good for humans? ›

The 'normal' hearing frequency range of a healthy young person is about 20 to 20,000Hz.

What note is 528 Hz? ›

528 hertz is a C-Note….

In western music, that 528hz tone would be considered a high “C” note. Wanna hear an opera singer hit this note?


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