2nd day Chul Hamoaed Passover and Israel’s Peace Partners Condemn Police Response to Violence at Temple MountBy Hana Levi Julian and Hebrew U Researcher Promises Extending Fertility, Reversing Aging in Human Eggs in 10 Years and Jerusalem to place packagi (2022)

2nd day Chul Hamoaed Passover and Israel’s Peace Partners Condemn Police Response to Violence at Temple MountBy Hana Levi Julian and Hebrew U Researcher Promises Extending Fertility, Reversing Aging in Human Eggs in 10 Years and Jerusalem to place packaging recycling bins throughout the capital and The end of inflammation? A new approach could treat dozens of diseases, and RABBI MEIR KAHANE THE TEMPLE MOUNT IS.. (1)

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2nd day Chul Hamoaed Passover and Israel’s Peace Partners Condemn Police Response to Violence at Temple MountBy Hana Levi Julian and Hebrew U Researcher Promises Extending Fertility, Reversing Aging in Human Eggs in 10 Years and Jerusalem to place packaging recycling bins throughout the capital and The end of inflammation? A new approach could treat dozens of diseases, and RABBI MEIR KAHANE THE TEMPLE MOUNT IS.. (2)

The Three Musketeers at the Kotel

The Three are Rabbi Yehuda Glick, famous temple mount activitist, and former Israel Mk, and then Robert Weinger, the world's greatest shofar blower and seller of Shofars, and myself after we had gone to the 12 gates of the Temple Mount in 2020 to blow the shofar to ask G-d to heal the world from the Pandemic. It was a highlight to my experience in living in Israel and I put it on my blog each day to remember.

The articles that I include each day are those that Ifind interesting, so I feel you will find them interestingas well. I don't always agree with all the points of each article but found them interesting or important to share with you, my readers, and friends. It iscathartic for me to share my thoughts and frustrations with you about life in general and in Israel. As a Rabbi, Itry to teach and share the Torah of the G-d of Israel as a modern Orthodox Rabbi. I never intend to offend anyone but sometimes people are offended and I apologize in advance for any mistakes. The most important psychological principle Ihave learned is that once someone's mind is made up, they don't want to be bothered with the facts, so like Rabbi Akiva, I drip water (Torah is compared to water) on their made-up minds and hope that some of what Ihave share sinks in. Love Rabbi Yehuda Lave.

2nd day Chul Hamoaed Passover and Israel’s Peace Partners Condemn Police Response to Violence at Temple MountBy Hana Levi Julian and Hebrew U Researcher Promises Extending Fertility, Reversing Aging in Human Eggs in 10 Years and Jerusalem to place packaging recycling bins throughout the capital and The end of inflammation? A new approach could treat dozens of diseases, and RABBI MEIR KAHANE THE TEMPLE MOUNT IS.. (3)


It was the unforgettable, majestic, glorious day in June, 1967, as Jewish soldiers crashed through the walls of Jerusalem's Old City. Redeeming, reclaiming, liberating the ancient streets and alleyways; racing towards the Wall, scaling it and then - the electrifying words of the Commander, Motta Gur: "The Temple is in our hands! The Temple Mount is in our hands!"

There was not a Jewish heart that did not pound with a sense of Divine, historic moment. There was not a Jewish spine, so straight and proud after two millennia of being supine that did not shiver in a sense of awe. There was not a Jew, though the most extreme of scoffers, who, at that moment, did not see G-d!

"The Temple Mount is in our hands!" Jerusalem of Gold, of holiness, of David; Zion, out of which the L-rd roared and uttered his voice. The Temple Mount, from which the trumpet of the Holy One, Blessed Be He, blasted. "When our feet stood within thy gates, O Jerusalem" - we wept with tears of disbelief. For the Temple Mount was in our hands. . . "As the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so the L-rd is round about His people" - and we knew it to be true. For the Temple Mount was in our hands. "Ye that stand in the courts of the House of our G-d, praise the L-rd!" And we believed. For the Temple Mount was in our hands!

Let me quote from a letter that appeared in the March 21st, 1979, issue of Maariv, Israel's largest newspaper. It was written by a rabbinical student at Yeshivat Merkaz Harav and is obligatory reading for all those who, for Zion's sake, will not be silent:

"It was the Shabbat, when many Jews come to visit the Old City of Jerusalem. . . . Suddenly, after leaving one of the gates near the Temple Mount, the rioting began. Tens of Arabs, throwing stones and carrying knives and broken bottles, came at us. A storekeeper leaped upon me and I joined the others fleeing, as my hand bled profusely, eyeglasses left behind.

"How could it happen in the State of Israel today? Arab police are responsible for the safety of the East Jerusalem region. 'Autonomy' already exists when Arab police see Arabs throwing stones and nothing is done to arrest them. One who was arrested was a yeshiva student who kept calm and tried to help others. Before my very eyes, the police leaped upon him like wild beasts. This can serve to show us what we can expect in the future under `autonomy'... "

Jerusalem. Where in 1967, electric shocks of ecstasy, a national thrill of incredulity, swept the Jewish people throughout the world, as Israeli Jewish troops smashed into the Old City, sweeping terrified Arabs before them as chaff in the wind. Jerusalem, City of David, Jerusalem of the Temple Mount and Western Wall and Holy of Holies and Zion, was, once again, in Jewish hands - all of it, Jewish. By the tens of thousands Jews streamed through the alleyways of the Old City where just a few days before the Arabs had ruled and no Jew dared step. Now, the Arab - awed, shattered - groveled before the Jew whom he saw as being blessed by G-d and His miracles. Fear gripped the Arab in Jerusalem just as pride and confidence and certainty was the Jewish cloak in the wake of the awesome war of Six Days.

Jerusalem. Where, by 1986, less than 20 years later, Jews fear to go to the Wall by way of the Damascus Gate as Jews are stabbed and shot in the same marketplace and streets where a short time earlier they walked as Jewish giants on the earth. As night falls, only a handful of foolhardy Jews risk walking through what the Israelis allow to be called, still, the Moslem Quarter. No Harlem ever held greater fears for the Jew than parts of his own capital city. Nothing more underlines the obscenity of Jewish fears in their own capital than the picture report that appeared in the Jerusalem weekly, Kal Ha'Ir (August 4, 1984).

Three pictures; all taken in the Old City of Jerusalem. The first shows a Hassidic Jew, surrounded by Arab youngsters, two of whom have snatched his hat from his head. The photo shows a policeman standing calmly by with obviously no intentions of intervening. He is, like the vast majority of police in the Old City, an Arab.
The second picture shows the Jew, watching helplessly as the Arabs taunt him. The Arab policeman has, by now, disappeared.
The third shows a large rock being thrown by an Arab youth at the Jew. It hit him in the head. Another day of Jewish pride in Jerusalem, Zion. The tragedy of Jewish glory turned into humiliation and fear by a Jewish policy that defies any normal logic and understanding.

Jerusalem, where the Jewish students on Mount Zion sign a petition of desperation, detailing not only sexual and criminal assaults on them by Arabs, but the cynical indifference and lack of any law enforcement by the local police - Arabs.

"We, the undersigned to this petition, are demanding security for our lives and property. For the past ten years there have been thousands of incidents such as those outlined in this petition: Stabbings, rapes, attempted rapes, molesting's, obscenities through indecent exposure, burglaries, vandalism. . . ." And the police do nothing. And Jerusalem becomes Arab autonomy. The tragedy of a Jewish policy that defies any normal logic and understanding.

A Jewish policy? Say, rather a policy of Jews that was conceived in un-Jewishness and born in gentilized fear and timidity, a policy whose apex of humiliation is the desecration of Judaism's holiest site - The Temple Mount. The very moment of glorious Jewish victory in 1967 was the beginning of a flight to shame.

It began immediately after the greatest Jewish victory and miracle in 2500 years. The terrified and cowering Arabs of East Jerusalem were approached by the Defense Minister Moshe Dayan. Not enough that the Israeli government of 1967 committed the worst of mistakes by not driving out the Arabs who hated Israel and had tried to wipe her out. Not enough that in their fear of "world opinion," of what the Vatican and Islam might say, orders were given by the Israeli army to the liberators of the Old City not to use artillery to shell Arab positions lest they damage a single holy Moslem and Christian place (and how many Jewish soldiers died because of that policy!). The fearful and timid leaders of Israel immediately approached the heads of the Moslem community to assure them that the Temple Mount - the holiest of holiest of Jewish places - would remain in their hands. Jews were forbidden to enter there to pray, on their holiest site, a site stolen from them by invading Moslems who desecrated Judaism by building two mosques there. (And can one imagine the reaction of Moslems if Jews, conquering Mecca, built, on the holiest site of Islam - a synagogue?)

When in 1967, on the Fast of Tisha B'Av, the national day of mourning for the Jews, the anniversary of the destruction of Temples, Army Chief Rabbi Shlomo Goren and 50 Jews went to pray on the Temple Mount. Defense Minister Moshe Dayan ordered the commander of the Central Command to prevent any further action that might incite the Moslems: "Honored Rabbi," said the general, "if you will go up to the Mount again, I will be compelled to remove you by force." The following day the Ministerial Committee in charge of the holy places met and unanimously forbade Jewish prayer that had been set for the following Shabbat. That was the beginning of a humiliating Jewish policy that stunned no one more than the Moslems who could not believe the manifestation of Jewish madness they had just seen.

From that day, the government of Israel, in a remarkable exhibition of masochism, has paved the way for a total change in Moslem attitude. From a frightened, cowering population, they turned into a confident, arrogant, dangerous one. From people who feared the Jewish conqueror, they became throwers of stones, knife stabbers, and grenade and bomb throwers. Most of all, the Temple Mount became once again theirs, this time returned to them by two-legged lemmings of the Mosaic persuasion - and they grow ever more passionately convinced that time is on their side.

The government, police, courts have all had a hand in the shameful, tragic Jewish descent into humiliation. Already on April 15,1969, responding to an order against Police Minister Shlomo Hillel (who later went on to become Knesset Speaker), the State Attorney explained that Jews should not be allowed to pray on the Temple Mount because "premature prayer" (sic) there would raise grave security and international political problems. The years that followed saw police again and again forcibly remove Jews attempting to pray on their holy site. Moslems watched in growing amazement and growing arrogance and boldness, as the Jew who wished to enter as a tourist with camera and jeans was freely allowed access but the same son of Abraham entering with prayer shawl and prayer book was banned!

(In the years when American synagogues sold tickets for pews at High Holiday services, a rueful joke told of the Jew rushing up to the door without a ticket and telling the guard that he only wished to tell something to someone inside. Said the guard: "Fine, but if I catch you praying, I'll throw you out." The joke is alive and well today on the Temple Mount.)

Then, in 1976, a lower Jerusalem court, through Judge Ruth Or, ruled that Jews have a right to pray on the Temple Mount, but Police Chief Hillel blithely announced that he would continue to bar Jews. (This contempt for law is apparently endemic with Hillel as, nearly ten years later, in his capacity as Speaker of the Knesset, he announced that he would refuse to table certain bills by Knesset Member Meir Kahane, despite a High Court order to do so.)

The government hastily appealed the lower court order and on July 1, 1976, the Jerusalem District Court overruled Judge Or in a fascinating display of ghettoism. The court ruled that Jews who attempted to pray "demonstratively" (sic) on the Temple Mount were guilty of behavior "likely to cause a breach of the peace." Jews had an unquestionable right to pray on the Temple Mount, but public order, ruled the court, overrules that right of prayer.

The decision was mind boggling; the product of thinking most Jews assumed had disappeared with the Warsaw Ghetto revolt. To state that Jews had a right to pray on their holiest site and then to declare that this should be prevented because of fear of Arab rioting, was a paean to the shtetl of Minsk, Pinsk or Casablanca. But not even this was enough for the Israeli government, which wished to remove the decision that Jews have a theoretical "right" to pray on the Temple Mount and an appeal was taken to the Supreme Court. Meantime, Interior Minister Dr. Joseph Burg (himself a leader of the National Religious Party) declared that "the law will be kept." (Translation: Jews will not be allowed to pray on their holiest site.)

The astonished Arabs saw that the Jews, far from meting out to them the punishment they deserved and that they had given to the Jews when they ruled the Old City, were allowing them to retain all the power and authority that they would use later to demand total autonomy and independence. The Temple Mount served as the most glaring example of the fact that, despite Jewish protestations to the contrary, the land taken in 1967 was not liberated but "conquered." The Jews had come not as returnees to their own borders, but as an occupation army. One who loses his property and then unexpectedly finds it does not allow it to remain in the possession of another. He leaps upon it joyfully and cries out: "It is mine!"

The Arabs correctly understood Jewish "concessions" to be the product, not of goodness and grace, but of timidity and fear. And so, from a cowering Arab, the Jews produced a sneering, openly hating, stick bearing, stone throwing, and grenade tossing thing - a time bomb waiting to explode.

The newspapers described some of the events. In 1979, as a number of yeshiva students came up to the gate of the Temple Mount to pray (in front of and not on the Mount itself), they were showered with rocks. Soldiers hid behind cars because they had orders not to shoot, lest The New York Times and Time magazine feature them on their front pages. The head of the Central Command, General Moshe Levi, watched the mob. Levi, a member of the leftist Hashomer Hatzair kibbutz, was later to become Chief of Staff and won undying something-or-other with his statement during a speech in Tel Aviv (May 25, 1986): "To say that the Arabs are the enemy is simplistic and dangerous. For me the Arabs are not the enemy." When the Jew excels, he outdoes all others-especially in madness.

I return to the newspaper account of the Arab riot in 1979:
"'Only in this state could such a picture emerge,''' a police officer said angrily, yesterday, at the sight of the commander of the Central Command, Moshe Levi, and the head of the police central region, who entered the Temple Mount to meet face-to-face with angry Arab youths.
"The general walked over and asked them why they were holding sticks in their hands[!]. But during the entire conversation not one of them backed down and not one dropped his stick. 'This is the real autonomy,' muttered the same officer."

Meanwhile, in 1980, the Knesset passed a new Jerusalem Law which declared in paragraph (3):
"The holy places shall be protected from any desecration or attack on anything likely to damage the rights of all members of religions to access to the holy places or their feelings concerning them."
This paragraph which clearly - to all but those who would refuse to see - outlined the absolute right of Jews to access to their holy places, now seemed to guarantee that the High Supreme Court of Israel would order the government to allow Jews, on their holiest site, the same right of prayer that they allowed Moslems who had stolen the site. But no, the ghetto-shtetl syndrome remained part of the Israeli genetic code, proving once again that it is far easier to remove the Jew from the Exile than the Exile from within the Jew. On October 30, 1981, the High Court of Israel ruled on the issue. The following is the UPI wire service report:

"Jerusalem (UPI)--The Supreme Court today upheld the right of Israeli police to keep Jewish worshippers from praying on the Temple Mount because it creates a threat to public order, Israel radio said."
A threat to public order. The Arabs might riot. Ah, if Meir Kahane were Prime Minister and the Arabs knew that the police had orders and full backing to use as much force as they desired to keep "public order" -is there one normal person who believes that there would be an Arab threat to public order?

Since then, the Arabs have systematically destroyed every vestige of Jewish presence on the Temple Mount, destroying valuable archeological evidence. A memorial to the Arabs killed at Sabra and Shalita is even placed on the Jewish holy site. The Temple Mount is in our hands!...

The lemmingism of the Israeli government is incredible! Who can count the ways? In February, 1985, the Mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Sa'ad a-din Alamei, told the French news Agency:
"Any Moslem who will give up one inch of Palestinian land will lose without benefit of appeal, every attachment to Islam."

The Mufti, by declaring a ban on any Moslem who sold land or houses to Jews, was clearly guilty of sedition against the Jewish state. On February 26, 1985, I wrote to the Chief of Police asking that criminal proceedings be opened against the Mufti and personally filed a criminal charge with the police commander of Jerusalem's Old City. In my complaint I noted that if a Jew were to hand out flyers called on Jews not to buy from the Arabs of the Old City because they were enemies of Israel and pro-PLO, he would be arrested for sedition (indeed, a few months later, that is precisely what happened). On March 13, 1985, the office of the Chief of Police sent me the following reply:

"Your complaint has been investigated and it is clear that the material of the investigation does not indicate a criminal offense. Because of this, the police will not investigate the complaint."
The successor to the other Mufti who in the twenties and thirties led pogroms against the Jews of the Holy Land and who in 1942 met with Hitler to discuss the "final solution" for the Jews there, should have been given a Nobel Prize for extraordinary ability to keep from bursting into hysterical laughter. And, indeed, the Moslem religious leader has good reason to believe that Jews are mentally limited.

When the PLO conference was held in Amman, Jordan, in November 1984, one of the telegrams sent to Arafat was from the Jerusalem Mufti. It read: "From Al-Aksa mosque (on the Temple Mount) we emphasize our support of your Council and renew our oath of loyalty to the man of struggle Yasir Arafat. . . . Continue forward on your path, we are with you."

When the Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Israel in January, 1986, called for a synagogue in the southeast part of the Temple Mount, Mufti Alamei declared: "Over the bodies of a million Moslems."
The Israeli reaction? Timid and fearful silence, lest the Arabs, Moslems and world react. And so, a mentally unbalanced Jew, Alan Goodman, shoots and kills two Arabs on the Temple Mount declaring that he wishes to liberate the spot and "become king of the Jews." Some thirteen years earlier, a Christian, Dennis Michael Rohan, set fire to the Al Aksa mosque. The Israeli court declared the Christian not criminally liable by reason of insanity. Yet Goodman, clearly unbalanced, received a life sentence plus two terms of 20 years. Once upon a time, in the Exile, the Jews would decide every major step by the proposition: What will the gentiles say? Then they created Israel, where Jews would be sovereign and free. . . . Laugh not, but rather weep for generations.

Jerusalem. Where the Palestinian autonomy and eventual state is being built. Jerusalem, which mirrors so much of the other desecration that fills the land. The Temple Mount is not in our hands. East Jerusalem is not in our hands. Judea and Samaria and Gaza and the Golan are not in our hands. The Biblical Eretz Yisrael which we liberated through G-d's decree in 1967, is not in our hands.
"On Mount Zion which is desolate, there the foxes walk. . . (Lamentations 5).

The Temple Mount is in their hands, the foxes, the cunning Arab foxes. And the words of Motta Gur ring hollowly - and it is we who are to blame. We, who took a miracle and disdained it. We, who took holiness and profaned it. We, who were given a Zion, a Jerusalem, a Temple Mount - and gave it over to the jackal-foxes.

What we see today is a mini-renewal of Arab rioting, murder and pogrom of the twenties and thirties. Then, the Arab mobs surged into the streets shouting, "Addowlah ma'anah" ("The government is with us!"). They meant the British Mandatory occupation government. Today, the Arabs know that the Jewish "occupation" government, because of its fear of world opinion, has given strict orders to soldiers not to shoot. In that sense it has opened the door to Arab boldness and contempt and attacks on Jews. In that sense the Jewish government of occupation is also "with" them. The Arabs have smashed the dam of fear and it will spill over. If Jews are attacked on their way to the Wall, and if a Jew is seriously hurt, or, G-d forbid, murdered, and if the residents of the Jewish Quarter are in increasing danger-know that it is the Jews who are to blame.

He who controls the Temple Mount will control Jerusalem. And he who controls Jerusalem will control the Holy Land. And the desecration of the Land and of G-d is inconceivable. One shakes his head in utter incomprehensibility when reading the words uttered by Menachem Begin in 1977:

"If I become the Prime Minister, I will open the Temple Mount to Jews. I will not fear the reactions of the Christians and Moslems. "
Begin became the Prime Minister. The Temple Mount is still in Arab hands.
Written in 1989

By Hana Levi Julian

Photo Credit: Jamal Awad / Flash 90

2nd day Chul Hamoaed Passover and Israel’s Peace Partners Condemn Police Response to Violence at Temple MountBy Hana Levi Julian and Hebrew U Researcher Promises Extending Fertility, Reversing Aging in Human Eggs in 10 Years and Jerusalem to place packaging recycling bins throughout the capital and The end of inflammation? A new approach could treat dozens of diseases, and RABBI MEIR KAHANE THE TEMPLE MOUNT IS.. (4)

Two of Israel's peace partners in the historic Abraham Accords have condemned a response by Israeli police in Jerusalem to attacks by Muslim "worshipers" on Jews praying at the Western Wall this past Friday and the subsequent clashes with rioters at the Al Aqsa Mosque.

Both the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain condemned Israeli police for "storming" the Al Aqsa Mosque in the Temple Mount compound. Bahrain went further, accusing police of causing the violence.

"The UAE strongly condemned today Israeli forces' storming of Al Aqsa Mosque, which resulted in the injury of a number of civilians," the Emirati Foreign Ministry said in a statement. The UAE called for "self-restraint and protection for worshipers" in the statement.

Bahrain's Foreign Ministry likewise issued a statement claiming Israeli police "stormed" the mosque on Friday, blaming police for "resulting acts of violence and the arrest of hundreds of worshipers which serves as a provocation to Muslims especially in the holy month of Ramadan."

As did the UAE, Bahrain emphasized the need for Israel to "refrain from any provocative measures that would fuel violence, religious hatred, extremism and instability."

Somehow, both "peace partners" failed to notice the "violence, religious hatred and extremism" of the hundreds of Muslims who used their presence at the mosque to hurl rocks and lit fireworks at peacefully praying Jews in the Western Wall plaza below.

In response, Israeli police entered the Al Aqsa Mosque in the Temple Mount compound to "disperse and push back" the rioting mob. Three police officers were injured in the melee.

Photo Credit: Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

2nd day Chul Hamoaed Passover and Israel’s Peace Partners Condemn Police Response to Violence at Temple MountBy Hana Levi Julian and Hebrew U Researcher Promises Extending Fertility, Reversing Aging in Human Eggs in 10 Years and Jerusalem to place packaging recycling bins throughout the capital and The end of inflammation? A new approach could treat dozens of diseases, and RABBI MEIR KAHANE THE TEMPLE MOUNT IS.. (5)

Throughout much of the world, increasing numbers of women are delaying having their first child until they are in their late thirties, and even into their forties. At this age, their eggs are rapidly deteriorating and, even with IVF, their prospects of conception are far from guaranteed.

Reversing that deterioration is the ultimate goal of molecular biologist Dr. Michael Klutstein, head of the Chromatin and Aging Research Lab in the Faculty of Dental Medicine at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HU). This possibility has now come one step closer with recent research from his lab, carried out by Ph.D. student Peera Wasserzug-Pash. in collaboration with clinicians from Hadassah Medical Center and Shaare Zedek hospitals. Their findings were published in Aging Cell (Loss of heterochromatin and retrotransposon silencing as determinants in oocyte aging).


In humans, egg cells begin to accumulate damage to their genetic material when a woman is relatively young. Often by the time she is in her late thirties, her eggs have accumulated so much damage to the DNA that they are unable to mature and be fertilized. Dr. Klutstein's team successfully identified one of the aging processes that prevent the successful maturation of an egg cell. Most importantly among them is the loss of the regulation processes that normally stop the damaging parts of DNA from becoming active.

It is in many ways a strange idea to think about: parts of our DNA contain sections of genetic material that can be damaging. In fact, about half of our genome is made of virus-like sequences or fragments of viruses, which can cause considerable damage to the DNA if they are allowed to be activated through expression. This idea has been studied extensively and was discovered by Barbara McClintock who received the 1983 Nobel Prize for her work on this topic.

It is the aging process that causes the failure of the system to keep these damaging elements repressed and inactive. Klutstein and his HU team's research, using mouse and human egg cells, not only identified the details of these processes but showed how they are interrelated and ultimately prevent an egg cell from maturing.

To confirm their findings, the team then used chemicals that mimic the actual processes that stop the repression of sections of the egg cell's DNA and liberate the DNA-damaging viruses. Reproducing the aging processes artificially enabled the team to link the processes of loss of genomic regulation and the expression of damaging elements in aging egg cells.

In the final stage of their research, they tested ways to reverse the destructive aging processes at work in an egg cell. If viruses or parts of viruses were released and activated in aging eggs, then perhaps anti-viral drugs could prevent this process and the resulting damage.

In their paper, the researchers showed that anti-viral drugs did indeed reverse the process in mouse egg cells and returned to their former youthful selves! There has also been similar success using genetic manipulation to insert two genes into the mouse egg cell DNA – the implanted genes produce enzymes that prevent the chain of events that leads to the activation of the damaging parts of the DNA. "Within a decade, I hope we will be able to increase fertility among older women using anti-viral drugs," shared Klutstein.

By Sue Surkes

A Jerusalem municipality spokesman says that the city will soon start placing orange recycling bins across the capital, in a move that will bring it into line with 93 other local authorities serving some 4.5 million Israelis.

The orange bins are for packaging waste, which includes such items as shampoo bottles, cartons, tin cans, and plastic bags.

The city has long resisted the orange containers because, unlike other municipalities, it set up a waste sorting facility some years ago. The business deal signed with that facility, Greenet, in Atarot in northern Jerusalem, has allowed Greenet to sort potentially recyclable items out from the general trash and sell them.

2nd day Chul Hamoaed Passover and Israel’s Peace Partners Condemn Police Response to Violence at Temple MountBy Hana Levi Julian and Hebrew U Researcher Promises Extending Fertility, Reversing Aging in Human Eggs in 10 Years and Jerusalem to place packaging recycling bins throughout the capital and The end of inflammation? A new approach could treat dozens of diseases, and RABBI MEIR KAHANE THE TEMPLE MOUNT IS.. (6)
Image by ZEPHYR, Science Source

Cancer, aging, and severe COVID-19 have all been linked to damage from inflammation. Now scientists are flipping their focus to find new drugs that may revolutionize treatments.

ByConnie ChangPublished March 4, 2022• 12 min read

Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, Lauren Finney Harden had always had allergies. But after she moved to New York City for her first job in 2007, inflammation "just exploded" throughout her body.

"I had insane full-body rashes and strange gastro issues. I'd get massive burps that made me feel like I needed to throw up, but nothing would come up but air," she says. Eventually, she was diagnosed with lupus, a disease in which the immune system attacks the body's own tissues and organs. She was put on a drug called prednisone, a corticosteroid that tamps down inflammation.

But the cure, at times, felt worse than the disease. "I looked four months pregnant all the time," Finney Harden says, "and I'd get cold sores every other week; my body could not fight off anything."

Finney Harden's experience is unfortunately a common one with traditional autoimmune treatments like prednisone. A broad immunosuppressant, prednisone works by disabling the production of pro-inflammatory molecules that are crucial for the body to mount an immune defense. So while prednisone—and drugs like it—are adept at quickly snuffing out inflammation, they leave the body vulnerable to any bug it encounters, and they can come with toxic side effects.

"Simply stopping inflammation is not enough to return tissue to its normal state," says Ruslan Medzhitov, a professor of immunobiology at Yale School of Medicine. This approach ignores the other side of the inflammation coin: resolution. Resolving inflammation is an active, highly choreographed process for rebuilding tissue and removing the dead bacteria and cells. When that process is disrupted, inflammatory diseases arise.

In the early 2000s researchers began to recognize the role of inflammation in conditions as varied as Alzheimer's, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, prompting them to recast inflammation as the unifying explanation for a myriad of ailments, including those we develop as we age. Even aging itself, and its associated pathologies, is driven by persistent inflammation.

"Until relatively recently, we believed that inflammation just stopped," says Molly Gilligan, an internal medicine resident at Columbia University who studies how the immune system impacts cancer development. Immunologists thought that products of inflammation—molecules that trigger it and dead cells and tissue—are eventually metabolized, or spontaneously dissipate on their own.

The reality is more complicated, and recognizing that could have game-changing effects on how we treat a wide swath of diseases.

Why is inflammation dangerous?

Inflammation evolved to serve an important function: It rids our bodies of stuff that doesn't belong, including foreign invaders like bacteria and viruses, tumor cells, and irritants like splinters.

"A classic example of inflammatory onset is the bee sting—the site becomes hot, red, swollen, and painful," says Derek Gilroy, a professor of immunology at University College London. This response comes from a series of biological changes: blood vessels dilate to deliver white blood cells to the site of injury, making tissues turn red. Fluid also floods the site, causing swelling. The molecules that trigger these vascular transformations precipitate the itching, pain, and fever associated with inflammation.

White blood cells, the body's first responders, then swarm and kill the invaders. Under normal circumstances, this carnage is contained, with the initial inflammatory response subsiding within 24 to 48 hours.

When inflammation becomes chronic, though, the chemical weapons deployed by front-line immune cells often damage healthy tissue, and our bodies become collateral damage. The price exacted includes worn joints, damaged neurons, scarred kidneys, and more. Autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, characterized by pain and worsening disability, have long been associated with persistent inflammation.

In extreme cases, such as the cytokine storms associated with sepsis or severe COVID-19, inflammation can destroy and disable multiple organs, leading to catastrophic system failure and death.

What happens after inflammation?

Medzhitov likens an infection to a broken pipe that has flooded an office with water. Fixing the pipe might stop water from streaming in, but it doesn't restore the office to its previous, functional state. Similarly, inflammation has a clean-up phase known as resolution, and it proceeds in a series of highly coordinated steps.

Like inflammation's onset, its resolution is orchestrated by an army of signaling molecules. Among the most intensely studied are the specialized pro-resolving mediators, or SPMs, which were discovered in the 1990s by Charles Serhan, a professor of anesthesia at Harvard Medical School. Serhan was inspired by his postdoctoral mentor, Bengt Samuelsson, who uncovered how fatty molecules called lipids trigger inflammation. Serhan was searching for similar molecules when he identified lipoxin. But to his surprise, rather than inciting inflammation, lipoxin seemed to hamper it.

Over the next several years, Serhan and his colleagues identified additional SPMs. These molecules are derived from essential fatty acids such as those omega-3s famously found in cold-water fish like salmon and sardines. But they are difficult to study in the lab. "One of the main challenges is that they have short half-lives, so the body metabolizes them very quickly," Gilligan says. Because of this, researchers who work on them often turn to synthetic versions of the molecules, or mimetics, which are simpler, more stable, and cheaper to produce.

Catherine Godson, a professor of molecular medicine at University College Dublin, has long been interested in diabetes, given its impact on global public health as the most common cause of kidney failure. When she learned of SPMs, she was excited by the idea of encouraging resolution to treat diabetics, a "population with a particularly high risk for infection."

In mice with diabetic kidney disease, scarring from kidney inflammation gradually destroys the organ. Her team is testing the therapeutic potential of a lipoxin mimetic in these and other animal models. They've also looked at the mimetic's effect in human tissue in lab cell cultures taken from patients with atherosclerosis, an inflammatory disease of the blood vessel wall. In both cases, inflammatory factors plummeted when the mimetic was introduced; for the mice, the kidneys recovered their function in a stunning reversal of established disease.

Gilroy notes, however, that the story on SPMs is incomplete. "While lipoxins are present at levels in the body that indicate that they're important in resolution, other SPMs such as resolvins require more evaluation," he says.

Manipulating macrophages

Scientists speculate that one way lipoxins and other pro-resolution molecules work is by interacting with immune cells called macrophages.

Because they're so abundant during inflammation, macrophages have traditionally been thought of as pro-inflammatory cells, says Gerhard Krönke, an immunologist and rheumatologist at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg. "But a paradigm shift in the last decade or so suggests that macrophages are pivotal players in the resolution of inflammation."

Gilroy agrees, calling macrophages "linchpin cells at the juxtaposition of inflammation and resolution: It can go one way if we're healthy and the other way if we're not."

Initially, when the danger posed by invaders is at its peak, the macrophages drawn to the area are inflammatory—secreting pro-inflammatory cytokines and amping up production of antimicrobial agents. But this balance shifts as the tide of the confrontation turns. After the number of viruses declines, the debris left behind—viral remnants, dead immune cells, and other waste—must be collected and cleared away before it sparks another cycle of inflammation. That's when the macrophages switch gears.

Attracted by "eat me" signals expressed on the surface of dying cells, macrophages readily engulf and clear cellular corpses from the environment. But it's not just about clearing the wreckage—this act also flips a genetic switch, reprogramming macrophages to restore balance to the system and heal the tissues.

"Macrophages start to produce factors that tell the local tissue, Don't recruit any more inflammatory cells here, or, Let's proliferate and start repairs there," says Kodi Ravichandran, an immunologist at Washington University in St. Louis whose research focuses on how dead cells are cleared from the body.

Clearing away cellular debris

Now consensus is building that many of the illnesses attributed to inflammation—both chronic and acute—can be traced to a failure in resolution. Often that translates into a failure to clear away dead cells.

"If you knock out receptors in the macrophages of mice that recognize dying cells, for example, they become incapable of eating up these cells, resulting in a lupus-like disease," with symptoms such as arthritis and skin rash, says Krönke.

A similar mechanism is at work in older people, says Gilroy. As we age, the body loses a protein that recognizes dying cells; this blocks macrophages' ability to find and eat debris. Locked in a pro-inflammatory state, these macrophages continue to produce molecules that amplify the inflammatory response early on.

Perhaps COVID-19 has been more severe in older populations "because they've lost some of the pro-resolution pathways with age," suggests Luke O'Neill, an immunologist at Trinity College Dublin. He notes that COVID-19 has also been problematic for people with genetic differences that impact immune function, resulting in overactive inflammatory responses or underactive pro-resolving ones. His group and others have demonstrated that macrophages primed for inflammatory action play a significant role in critical COVID-19 cases, and they are currently testing pro-resolving strategies to combat this effect.

Cancer's course, too, is affected when inflammation fails to resolve. The soup of toxins, growth factors, and other inflammatory by-products that accompany inflammation spurs cancer's growth and spread. Many conventional treatments end up exacerbating the problem, according to Dipak Panigrahy, an assistant professor of pathology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston.

"Chemotherapy and radiation are like sledgehammers," Panigrahy says. "They may kill the tumor, but the debris they create stimulates inflammation, which feeds circulating tumor cells that survive the treatment."

A decade ago, Panigrahy was puzzling over this conundrum when he met Serhan at a conference on lipids in Cancún, Mexico. "I had just presented my research on cell death in cancer and how there's no way to clear the resulting debris when I heard Serhan's talk about how he discovered these lipids that eliminated debris," he says. The two Boston-based researchers have shared a close collaboration ever since.

In proof-of-concept experiments conducted on mice, Panigrahy's group was able to prevent tumors from recurring after surgery by dosing the animals with mimetics of resolvin, one of the pro-resolving mediators discovered in Serhan's lab. Phase one clinical trials for pancreatic, brain, and colon cancers will begin this year, says Panigrahy.

Long COVID and inflammation

Although much work remains to decode its secrets, "long COVID likely results from a catastrophic failure of appropriate immune response and resolution," Gilroy suggests.

Meg St. Esprit is part of a large cohort of COVID-19 survivors who continue to suffer symptoms months after the virus has passed. She and her family contracted the disease in November 2020, and for seven days the mother of four in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was beset by a high fever and severe headaches. Debilitating fatigue, vertigo, and brain fog soon followed. But while her husband and children recovered, St. Esprit's symptoms lingered, and new ones emerged.

Since her bout with COVID-19, she has developed blood clots and myocarditis—dangerous consequences of inflammation. It's also as if her entire body has gone haywire. "Different parts of it regularly flare up now," she says. "My thumb joints swell to twice their normal size, my knee puffs out like a grapefruit, and I've had hives more times than I can count."

Drugs to tweak the natural inflammatory process would thus be a powerful tool in our arsenal for long COVID as well. Even now the hunt is on. O'Neill and colleagues, for example, are testing molecules in clinical trials that push macrophages to be pro-resolving. SPMs are being tested extensively in animal models of diseases like cancer and sepsis, and more modestly in small patient trials studying eczema and periodontal disease.

But Gilroy cautions that the answer may be more nuanced than anti-inflammatory versus pro-resolution, and that drugs targeting both approaches may be needed.

"It's like driving a car at full speed," he says. "In order to stop, you take your foot off the accelerator, which would be like dampening inflammation's onset. And then you apply the brakes, or in other words, promote its resolution."

See you tomorrow bli neder

We need Moshiach now!

Love Yehuda Lave

Yehuda Lave, Spirtual Advisor and Counselor

Jerusalem, Jerusalem


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