Sinus Allergies

If you are one of those people who seems to be almost constantly sniffling, sneezing and suffering from difficulty breathing or even swallowing then you may be suffering from sinus allergies. While many people are falsely led to be believe that they simply suffer from chronic colds, this chronic state of symptoms often hints at the possibility of allergies. So, it is important to make sure that you carefully monitor your health levels and conditions so that you may keep track of how long you have been suffering from certain symptoms as this will help you to eventually identify whether or not you have much more than a simple cold.

A symptom often associated with nasal congestion is mucus. If you are suffering from allergies, the discharge of mucus from your nose will be clear and constant. When you have a cold, however, the mucus will start out clear and as the cold progresses it will appear yellow or green. Green mucus is a sign that an infection might be present. So, while it may sound a bit disgusting to suggest studying the color of your mucous, it is actually a great way in which your body tells you exactly what’s going on inside there.

Allergy medications designed for sinus relief are available in both over the counter and prescription varieties. The most commonly prescribed medications are oral antihistamines. However, sinus relief is also attained through many different high quality sprays, which often tend to deliver the fastest results and relief.

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