Mold Allergies

While for a majority of the times we may simply look at mold as something disgusting that we do not want in our homes because of it’s icky and smelly properties, there is another much more important reason to make sure that we do all that we can to eliminate the presence of mold in our daily lives. That is because mold allergies have been found to be the root of many very serious and even life threatening health issues. (This would explain why there have been so many growing issues regarding mold related insurance claims over the years which you have most likely heard mention of by now.

Unfortunately, mold growth can occur in just about any place possible. It is an organism that is present in both outdoor and indoor places which means you can not simply hide from it indoors in the safety of your home. While mold is actually a type of fungus that exists in order to break down dead materials and actually serves a vital role in the grand scheme of things because it helps to prevent the build up of dead materials and actually returns important nutrients back to the environment, the spread of its spores through the air can cause some serious allergies.

Some of the more common symptoms related to mold based allergies are wheezing, stuffy or runny nose, itchy and watery eyes, rash or hives and more. The most common places that mold is present where it may trigger these allergies and symptoms is on our food and in dark and places such as basements.

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