Food Allergies

While food is obviously vital to our existence, it is also interestingly enough at the foundation of many annoying and even life threatening problems. Food allergies are something that we all need to make ourselves aware of so that we can best treat an emergency situation if one should arise or better yet, prevent it altogether. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of methods for testing for these food allergies at a young age which will help you to prevent yourself or your children from having to suffer from a serious allergy attack caused by certain food consumptions.

Also known as food intolerance, these allergies can affect nearly everyone at some point. While some people may attribute an occasional upset stomach to a meal that they ate, the key to pinpointing these food allergies is consistency. If you consistently suffer some type of reaction to the same types of food, then these unpleasant reactions to something that you ate stand a very strong chance of being allergy related. In fact, one out of three people either say that they have a food allergy or that they modify the family diet because a family member is suspected of having a food allergy.

However, there is a large rift in the number of cases that are actually clinically proven versus those that are simply a case of being intolerant to a particular type of food or food group. A food based allergy is a hypersensitivity that features response to a food that is not normal and the immune system triggers a response.

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