Dairy Allergies

While dairy products deliver some very healthy benefits to many people, others are unfortunately affected in a very negative manner. That is because of dairy allergies. Sometimes referred to as a milk allergy, this condition relates to a allergic reaction caused by specific components of milk that comes from cows. The three specific components of milk from cows that are at the root of these dietary reactions are casein protein, whey protein, and lactose sugar. (It should also be noted that people who suffer from these types of allergies may also suffer from an allergic reaction even if they are not drinking milk as countless other products may contain these three specific components in the from of derivatives.

Of those three components of cow’s milk, it is casein that often gives people the most trouble in regards to a true allergic reaction. This is because lactose is often simply the cause of a general intolerance in many adults (often referred to as lactose intolerant). This intolerance occurs because the body does not possess the proper enzyme, lactase, that is necessary to successfully break down lactose.

It is also important to make not that other types of milk may also cause an allergic reaction. While the milk that comes from cows is predominantly the type of milk that will most likely cause and adverse reaction, other milk such as goat’s or sheep’s milk may also cause these adverse allergic reactions. Therefore, it would be a good idea for you to first consult your doctor before attempting one of these other types of milk as a substitute.

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