Allergic Reactions

While it may be bad enough when people overreact to bad traffic and yell out their windows in anger, it is even worse when your body suffers from allergic reactions and essentially yells at you from the inside out! These reactions to allergies are actually overreactions that occur because your body’s natural defense system is trying to fight off a perceived infection of your immune system. The actually cause of the overreaction is not quite clear, but it is certain that it is indeed an overreaction because it is a severe reaction to what is otherwise an everyday substance that does not bother everyone else.

For example, your body’s immune system normally works to protect your body from harmful viruses and bacteria through the production of corresponding antibodies to fight them off. However, an allergic reaction is classified as the immune systems attacking of completely normal substances that are typically quite harmless (such as dust mites, pollen, or a medicine) and even those that are normally healthy for us (such as dairy products, peanuts, etc.).

This means that many people have to adapt their diets so that they still get the right amounts and types of nutrients that they are not able to get because they are allergic to certain food types. This is also means that people need to educate themselves on the specific types of allergies that they suffer from and the corresponding treatments in the case of a severe reaction—not all reactions are treated the same!

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